The Messenger:Horizons – Retrieving Sinclair

In the second scene, DePayns and his personal hit squad, Chet, Francois, and Jean-Pierre, travel to Scotland to collect the unruly Sinclair, and deliver him to the new Dracul, Yeshua Madrakeson. Go to Google Maps and check out the lay of the land for this scene. Be sure to go to "Street View" and take … Continue reading The Messenger:Horizons – Retrieving Sinclair


The Messenger: Horizons – Prairie Dog Sighting

This is a map from my upcoming novel: The Messenger Horizons. In this scene, Jim and Gary receive intel that they have an assassin moving towards them from the quarry (isn't cellular technology great?). They leave their comrades, in the relative safety of the masseria, to hunt for the assassin. They soon learn there is … Continue reading The Messenger: Horizons – Prairie Dog Sighting