The Messenger: Origins – The Order of the Dragon – Day Four – Scene One

Kehlsteinhaus – Berchtesgaden, Germany – 05:30 Central European Time

I do not steal victory. – Alexander the Great

8 Reasons Why Rome Fell

Yeshua Madrakeson, the newly crowned Dracul… have I explained “Dracul?” Let me do that quickly.

Let’s start with Vlad II of Wallachia, also known as Vlad Dracul. Vlad Dracul was the prince of Wallachia and his responsibility was to serve as the first line of defense against the Turks. He was given the name “Dracul” after joining The Order of the Dragon and it meant Vlad the Dragon. His second son, Vlad III, was given the name Dracula because Dracula means “son of the Dragon” or “little dragon.”

Many times throughout the series you will read one of the Order members calling Yeshua “Dracula” instead of “Dracul.” This is to demonstrate their contempt for Yeshua.

Now, back to the commentary.

This section ties together all the other scenes within the chapter, “The Order of The Dragon,” and outlines the plan, or “The Model” the Order has for the destruction of the United States. Essentially this plan is based upon the 8 reasons for the fall of Rome.

Many years ago I had read about the fall of Rome, and then, one night, whilst watching the news, it came to me. The United States is having problems very similar to the problems that caused the fall of Rome. What if there was a group, working behind the scenes, causing history to repeat itself? That’s when I came up with the concept “what if all the major conspiracy theories were true?” The idea for the Messenger Series was born.

This scene is meant to outline where the series is going. However, the scope of this outline is so large it would be impossible to tell in 85K words. Also, as stated in a previous post, this series demonstrates how a huge conspiracy like this could be paraded right under our noses and no one would notice because of our über short attention spans.

Unfortunately for The Order, they don’t operate in a vacuum. Unfortunately for The Order, there’s Tuttle.

The secondary purpose for this scene is to demonstrate the rocky start between Yeshua and DePayns, which demonstrates my concept of “desire and fear,” which I believe is the root of all that ails the world.

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