Character Template

Below is a template I am designing to build my character encyclopedia. I'd love to hear comments on how to improve it.


##**Character Summary:
What are a few important points pertinent to the character for the present story?

##**Physical Description:
– Age:
– Build:
– Eyes:
– Hair:
– Appearance:
– Nationality:
– Education
– Work Experience
– Life Experience
– Talents
– Personality: Introverted? Class Clown? Opinionated? Anger Issues?
– Unique Identifier:

##**Back Story / History
This is the “origin” story for your character. It describes pertinent events which shaped the character into whom s/he has become and why s/he behaves as s/he does. This leads into motivations.

Once you understand the events which shaped the character you can better describe what the motivations are behind the actions and goals.

This is limited to the current story. A goal is required to have conflict. Even having a goal of no goal is a goal. What does your character hope to achieve?

Simply put, what is preventing your character from achieving her/his goal? Is it another character, nature, disease? To make the story interesting you must have a compelling obstacle.


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