The Messenger: Origins – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Day Six – Scene One

Haus Madrakeson – Bad Tölz, Germany – 10:00 Central European Time

It was pride that changed angels into devils… – Saint Augustine

This scene has us with the newly crowned Dracul, Yeshua Madrakeson. This scene shows us two things: Yeshua’s pride and the diligence of his predecessors.

At first we see Yeshua daydreaming about a future time when he will address the world and let them know how he is going to save the world. Yes, it is nauseating, and it was supposed to be because, in a way, most of us possess some degree of that arrogance. If you don’t believe me ask yourself if you have ever cursed people on the highway for their inability to drive properly. Ask yourself if you have ever disparaged people for not having the sense to keep from bumping their heads whilst walking through a doorway. Maybe you haven’t looked down your nose at people for these particular examples, but I’ll bet, at some point in your life, you’ve looked down your nose at someone and thought that if s/he would just listen to you, her/his life would be immensely better.

One of my favorite parables from the Bible is when Jesus tells of aPharisee and a tax collector going to the Temple to pray. The Pharisee thanks God for allowing him to be so perfect and the tax collector asks for mercy. Jesus said the tax collector left the Temple in good standing with God. In this scene, Yeshua is the Pharisee.

A second portion of the scene is a brief history of the Madrakeson family. The take away in this part is that a book of Madrakeson has been created in which each Dracul has left biographical notes to help guide the subsequent Dracul in moving forward toward ultimate goal. What if there was a book that told of failures and successes to help guide you toward a successful life? Do you think there is one out there?


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