Jim Wallace Series

Currently the Jim Wallace Series is composed of five books: “Friends, Family, or Country,” “Judgment Call,” “Ulterior Motives,” “Rogue Hunter,” and “A Night With Day.”

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FFC1 Book Cover smaller

Cover artwork by JW Harrelson

Cover artwork by JW Harrelson

“Friends, Family, or Country” is my answer to the question “how do you hijack an airliner or two and get away with it?” The action stretches from Texas to Serbia and from Belgium to Mexico.

This book took quite a bit of research and time to write, but it provided me with an excuse for another trip to Europe, so who’s complaining?


Judgment Call 2 gold

Cover Artwork by JW Harrelson

“Judgment Call,” currently being posted for free in weekly installments, is about Jim taking the law into his own hands in an attempt to find Ronnie, his cousin, who was working as an NIS undercover agent and tasked with uncovering a drug trafficking ring. “Judgment Call” is set in Alabama and along the Florida and Mississippi Gulf Coast.


6x9 Ulterior Motives book cover

Cover artwork by Suzanne Johnson


Where do Russian’s send their witness protection people? In this story they send one to Montgomery, Alabama. Jim and Patrick’s working relationship is strained as Jim operates in the gray area to gather information about a string of murders perpetuated by a Russian mafia hitman.


Jim is in this story, but it is more about Gary Phillips, Navy SEAL and rogue operative hunter. In this short story we learn the reason why Gary is called “The Gator.”


Jim and Patrick return from Moscow and find that a serial killer has begun operating in western Georgia and eastern Alabama. They also find a copycat killer and that the dark underbelly of the Old South is still alive and well.