The Messenger Series

Currently the Messenger  Series is composed of three books: “The Messenger: Origins,” “The Messenger: Horizons,” “The Messenger Exodus,” and “The Messenger: Rise of the Four Horsemen.”

Banner artwork by Suzanne Johnson.

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6X9 The Messenger Origins book cover

Cover artwork by Suzanne Johnson

The Order of the Dragon is a secret organization founded within the shadows of the Knights Templar. Their goal is to unite the world under one ruler: The Dracul. Many have sensed their existence, but none have been able to concretely expose them… until now.
Tuttle, a special operator within the Secret Army of Northern Virginia, has pieced together enough information to expose the Order of the Dragon, but exposure is not enough for him. Only the death of the Order’s seven heads will quench an anger built upon years of betrayal. However, the Order has learned of him as well. The only thing preventing them from destroying each other is mutually assured destruction. So it’s business as usual as the chess pieces are moved on the global board as Tuttle and the Order work to find the upper hand needed to finish the enemy.
Jim Wallace is a Delta Force special operator tasked to hunt down the heads of Al- Qaeda. Unfortunately covert resources are slim in the Middle East, so Jim is paired with with Tuttle, a man who has built and maintained a reliable chain of Middle Eastern resources.
Unbeknownst to Jim is Tuttle’s side missions, one of which is the destruction of St Peter’s Basilica and the Dome of the Rock. The ensuing chaos will provide the cover for the emergence of The Order of the Dragon and simultaneously provide the ammunition for Tuttle to expose the Order.
The unlikely and strained relationship will take Jim and Tuttle from Israel into Turkey and place both on a path neither envisioned.



6x9 The Messenger Horizons book cover

Cover artwork by Suzanne Johnson

Horizons picks up where Origins leaves off. Jim and crew make a hasty escape from Yumurtalik onto a less-than-legit Italian Freighter, but the Order of the Dragon is not finished looking for the group of rogue operators. The chase takes them to Taranto, Italy and a shoot-out in quarry outside of town.



The Messenger Exodus

Cover artwork by JW Harrelson

The follow-up to The Messenger: Horizons deals with the escape from Italy



This is a work in progress that deals with… The Rise of the Four Horsemen.